Thursday, October 23, 2014


Well, this is a little embarrassing. I have had all sorts of things planned for this blog. Unfortunately for the blog, I really botched the planning of when I was going to do all of that writing. The result is me, frustrated and trying to figure out what goes where and when.

I think I gave myself the needed reprieve to just think things out. I have a lot of various stuff on my plate. Admittedly, I have let some things slide, while others I have attacked with everything I have, leaving me worn out.

So, I basically came up with a game plan to get me over the hump that is the waning days of October. I have a few drafts ready to go for November, and some good ideas of things to lead into November.
As for these posts that I have made from my phone, I'm going to get on the computer tomorrow to clean them up, add some links and maybe even some pictures. Trust me, good things are coming.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Some of the things I've "found"

Okay, I will admit, I am on Facebook, and when Ryli and Landry are gone or asleep, I'm all over it. I have found a few little gems on there, thanks to friends liking them enough that they showed up as recommended pages or better yet, one of my friends gave me a referral link.

There are three of those that I admit have hooked me in some fashion. Two of them are subscription services, while the third is a deal site for botique-style little girl things, with occasional offerings for the little man and myself. I feel the need to share my little finds with you all. Nothing is prompting me to share these, other than just to share.

The first is Ipsy. A whopping $10 a month for a cute little make-up bag full of 4-5 regular and trial size goodies. So far, in the two months that I've been getting the bags, I've received two eyeliners, an eye shadow, an eyeshadow brush, a hair conditioner, a lip gloss, a lipstick, hand cream, facial highlighter, mascara, and a pack of facial cleansing wipes. When you sign up, they have a quiz that you take so your bag can be tailored to fit you, and you can retake it when ever the mood strikes you. So far, I love it. That hair conditioning treatment I used, but not on me. I used that on Ryli and her unruly curls. I finally found something that takes her mane!

Ipsy also gives you points for reviewing the items that were in your bags, and also for referrals. You are then able to use those points on add ons for your next bag. I really can't justify buying a lot of anything for me s of late, but for $10, it makes for a nice treat for me, and as a so single mom, I think it makes for a nice little treat. Needless to say, it has found a little place in my monthly budget.

The next subscription box I got my first month free. Julep Maven. I got two nail polishes and a top coat in my free box yesterday. I love the colors! I'm toying with the idea of keeping this subscription for maybe another month or two, but at $24.99, I'm just not totally sold.

Last, but certainly not least is Screaming Owl. If I ever came into a ton of money, I would drop a pretty penny (or more) there. The site is pretty simple. They post a few deals each week, normally lasting about a week. The overwhelming majority of it is little girls' clothing and accessories, but I have, however, found something for Landry, something for me, and a few Christmas gifts as well. Ryli has gotten a couple adorable dresses and some pretty floral headbands. I found Screaming Owl back in July and have loved it from the start. They basically buy in bulk in order to offer what they do for as little ad they do. If you share a purchase on Facebook, you get a 10% discount. Shipping is always a flat $3 per offer.

I promise, within the next few days, I will add pictures as well as links. My computer is defragmenting, so I'm posting on my phone.

Relaxing and catching up

We made it to the ENT appointments Wednesday. May have been by the skin of our teeth, but we made it with two minutes to spare for Landry's appointment. The clinic was running late, though, so I think we would have been good regardless.

The surgeries are on the books. I went in with the idea of getting the kids scheduled for the same day. The doctor didn't give me time to ask and went one better. Inpatient is done in the hospital proper, while outpatient is done in the ambulatory pavilion. He scheduled them both in the hospital. I personally think that is awesome, as I am fairly certain that Ryli will be giving Landry pep talks this way.

Grandma-Mom, as Ryli dubbed her, will come up for the assist. I'm wondering what my mom will be sporting as a manicure after Ryli gets a hold of her. She and Ryli will hang out at the hotel, while Landry and I will veg out at the hospital. Ryli will eat like a horse, and I'll be coaxing liquids into Landry. Wonder who'll have more fun?

I am a bit more nervous going into this tonsillectomy than I was for Dacey's fifteen years ago. I had no clue I had Factor Five Leiden back then, let alone that any of my children did as well. So, now I get to push the fluids on the kids who thinks that liquids are more fun to play with. Should be messy.

So, I think it's a given that our Thanksgiving feast will be heavy on the mashed potatoes.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Potential disaster

So, I called last week to book a ride to the little ones ENT appointments. The booking the tubes and 'ectomies appointments. So our ride calls to give me a heads up he has a flat and he's going to change it. No big deal, right?

I call the clinic to say we may be late. Find out each appointment has a twenty minute window. Landry's appointment is in fourteen minutes as I write this. Our ride stopped to have a buddy slap on a new tire. 

Leaving now... hoping we make it on time for both appointments. The buddy was telling him everything that's wrong with the minivan and that he shouldn't be driving it. Nice. 

I hope we make it. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


This blog is three and a half years old. In fits and starts, I come back to it because I really love writing it. Yet all the times, I have somehow "lost" myself in this thing called life. I just couldn't come up with things to write about, or I couldn't find the time or any excuse in that vein. Regardless, however, is the inescapable fact that when I write, I feel better. 

I started the post on Sunday with Landry sound asleep in my lap, yet not far gone enough to dare move him. So, I picked up pen and paper and I just wrote. When I got him off to bed, I typed it all out, editing as I plugged along. Yesterday's post was similar. I had two sick kids who wanted to cuddle, and another post was handwritten. I scrawled this post out first as well.

All of this has lead me to the conclusion that as much as I love my laptop and all my tech gadgets, when it comes to writing, I am simply an old fashioned girl. I always loved pen and paper, ask anyone who ever had a class with me. I'm a pen hoarder; my pen drawer dwarfs my junk drawer. I binge buy cute notebooks like Carrie Bradshaw bought shoes. 

Last night, while the kids slept, I wrote. I wrote a lot. My little blog planner has sections filled out. I was intending on Sunday to just try and write at least once a week until November 1. As of this moment, I will have posts every day this week. Seriously. I don't think I've ever managed that one. I even have some planned out and at least started for some dates in November. I had to fill out a page of planner to cover the last two full weeks of October, because all I'd filled out on Saturday was the last week of October that morphs into November on Saturday. 

I have  been caught in a funk for far too long. I have lost all grasp of things to do that I enjoy. I like blogging. I have things to say. Life is hard, but my stubborn streak is harder. I did a Mama's Mission of the Month since Saturday. I'm not posting that one, but I will post one for November. I'm getting things together that I've used in the past in my fits and starts, but it's working this time. Things have changed. Scratch that. I've changed.

So, sit back. Come back, There will actually be things here that you can read, and do so on a regular basis! 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Sick days

There's that old saying that if you want God to laugh, tell Him your plans. That goes double when you make a detailed list of things to do with a pair of pre-kindergartners under your roof. I thought we'd be a tad sleep deprived with the storms that were supposed to come through, but no one was fazed by that.

Yesterday, while watching football and attending to things that needed to be done, I somehow made a skeleton plan for the week. The things I had planned for today were the things that I still have not figured out how to do with the kids within the same place. You guessed... purge of the toys and cleaning of their bedroom. I was going to bake something as well, because without them here, clean up falls on me (yummy). 

Today got off on the wrong foot within about three seconds of Ryli opening her big, beautiful brown eyes. She started to throw up in my bed (credit for not getting her snoring brother). No fever, but school was out of the question.

I got her cleaned up and into bum around, comfy clothes. I then turned to wake up Landry. He was warm, but what do you expect when you wake up a little boy who makes himself into a tight comforter burrito as soon as he doesn't have to share? We got him dressed and headed down stairs to get his shoes and his backpack. As soon as I got ready to put him on the couch, he threw up. He was nice enough to get none on himself or mommy. Unfortunately, the carpet would disagree if able.

Now, the kids are watching PBS Kids. I've called them out of school for the day. I'm putzing around my desk, rearranging my plans, writing, and cuddling/waiting on them. The plans will definitely get an overhaul at some point today. The housework and the chores will keep. I have my little patients to contend with.

Ryli feeling photogenic & Landry... not so much.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Life is as complicated as you make it.

Sad to say, but my life as of late has been far too complicated, and I honestly have no one to blame but myself. Things have been complicated for me since the last time I wrote an entry on this blog. Not all because things were all beyond my control, but rather because I had all the control in so much of it, but for the life of me, I couldn't figure out how to take the reigns and run with all the control I really DID have. I suppose I was too accustomed to operating in total and utter chaos to realize that only I could pick up the reigns and take control of my life and all that it entails. 

I'm changing that, however. Starting right here, right now. Baby steps for the rest of October, and then full grown strides come November. Some things aren't totally mine to control, like the kids' ear tubes and Landry's tonsil and adenoid removal. As far as how things are going to be around this house and things that aren't dependent on the work of professionals, that is and has always been my domain. It's time I start behaving like it.

I've let things bother me or let things slide too much. No more. For the duration of the month of October, I will, at the very least, check in at some point on Sunday. Starting on November 1, 2014, I will blog regularly. I may not be perfect, but seriously, who is? I feel better than I have in an age. No more of this waiting for the chips to fall as they may. I'm taking the bull by the horns and doing what needs to be done. 

Now, if you'll please excuse me, I have a thousand things that I need to jot down before the kids wake up.